Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Open Letter to This Blog

Hi Blog,

How've you been? There was that day I wrote you a Sex and the City 2 review and you were mildly interested. There was a list of tunes I gave you and I'm sure you gave it a glance. But you've felt neglected haven't you? That 1,000 word plus Christina Aguilera piece just wasn't enough to keep you going was it?

Well I've been busy blog. It's no excuse is it? But I have.

There's the small matter of The Beauty Spot, the weekly club night I've been working with the last few months. It's been a whirlwind of pop up shops, make up top ups, hair experts and DJ sets so it's been eating my time up a tad!

Then there was the madness that was Oxegen 2010. Aside from heading to interview bands for 3 days there was lots of label pleading and scheduling to make it happen. Still the videos are starting to trickle out. Including me doing sped up Benny Hill dancing on a crazy golf course (sigh) and this beaut, my fave so far, the Oxegen Angelus:

I've been doing bits for Spin 1038 and DJ gigs at nights like Matchbox, bars like McGrattans (which is a bit of a hidden gem) and of course trying to maintain a healthy dose of shit telly every 3 days.

To sum up: lots has been going but now I'm going to try and win you back blog! Are you ready? I am, barely. But let's give it a go shall we?



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