Thursday, July 29, 2010

Usher's Finest Pop Moment to date? Maybe?

Not content with a return to chart success this year with OMG and the album Raymond Vs. Raymond, Usher is readying a new single alongside a new EP release (and re-issue of the album) later in the year. DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again (bit of a mouthful that title!) features Pitbull and is another piece of Max Martin backed pop goodness. The single sleeve is wierd though. Like a crappy fan photo taken of Usher at a gig. Wierd.

A tad generic it may be, it's also one of the catchiest, uplifting tracks Usher has done in ages and easily one of his poppiest moments to date. Not only that but Team Usher aren't wasting any time in getting this out to the masses. Within days of the songs online premiere it's now on sale on iTunes in the US and here a move which doesn't always happen. It's paying off with the track already sitting comfortably inside the Billboard Hot 100 and and the track making a dent on the lower reaches of the chart on this side the water.

It might not sound like much but after years of following a system of extended airplay before releasing a song it's interesting to see labels put a song out almost immediately. The initial sales may be not be as high but less people are likely to source an illegal download while waiting for the song to come their way.

AND to top it all off I was in a taxi on my way out to "the club"the other night when this came on the radio, OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG I squealed.. and what did the taxi driver do? Turn it up! Amazing.


The track is on iTunes now. A re-release of the album alongside the seperate EP release  is planned for the Autumn. The original album Raymond Vs Raymond which includes the single OMG feat. Will.I.Am is out now.

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  1. This has to be the best pop song I've heard and Ush. got us loving his groove and his smooth silky ballads,let's just blame it on the boogie.Great dance flick.