Friday, July 30, 2010

Oxegen Goodies: Gabriella Cilmi, Newton Faulkner and Wild Beasts stop by for a chat

It might seem like forever ago since I tramped around the mucky fields at Oxegen but thankfully the IMTV video content we made is trickling through to make me feel like it all happened just yesterday.

The Oxegen Angelus I mentioned earlier in the week is still picking up loads of views (it's over 3,000 now!) while plenty of our antics from the weekend are cropping up too.

But it wasn't all high fives in the media area and trying not to fall over in the blue campsite too. Oh no, there were interviews to be had. Check out my chat with Wild Beasts from the 3 minute mark in this video, which will remind you how most bands literally spend a few hours at Oxegen before being whisked off to another glamourous tour location:

I also had a chat with Aussie popstrel Gabriella Cilmi whose album "Ten" has been a favourite of mine over the last few months. If you haven't checked out the criminally underrated Hearts Don't Lie then do so immediately! My quick natter with Gabriella is below before I spotted her playing a bit of a crazy golf in the VIP area in a totally different outfit. And they say popstars aren't glamourous these days!

Rounding out this batch of Oxegen sit downs is my natter with Newton Faulkner. The folk favourite has become something of a festival staple and is quite the lovely guy too. One of the most laidback stars I spoke to all weekend, he cuts a charming figure and it's easy to see why his one man show goes down such a treat with the festival masses:

Big thanks to all the record label people that sorted these interviews for us, it's much appreciated! Keep your eyes peeled for more Oxegen interviews on IMTV across the next few weeks!

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