Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is a Celebrity Hoarder (and/or Desperate for Press)

I don't think I needed convincing that Lindsay Lohan was a bit of a mess. Whether you take your cues from I Know Who Killed Me, that hilarious but slightly sad video for Funny or Die, the various desperate Tweets (like the time she gave out to her ex Samantha Ronson for ignoring for all the world to see. Juicy) or her genuinely haggard appearance (see below) and it feels a bit like Miss Lohan is officially on the Hollywood scrapheap. Perhaps her role in Robert Rodriguez's "Machete" next year will improve things.

Still in the meantime I spotted this gem thanks to The Style Bitches. Lindsay appears on US entertainment show The Insider because her house is a mess, there are clothes everywhere and it seems to be driving her insane. It's kind of hilarious in that trashy way most of these things are. The comical carry on of Nicey Nash and the sight of a once potentially huge star now just living in a shell of a house with a load of clothes. But it's also quite sad too. Lohan still has buckets of potential as an actress and to think that somebody let her do this is quite disappointing. Part one is below, with part two here and the third one due next week. At this point I half expect Lindsay to get her own reality show. How exciting.

Is it wrong that I'm finding this quite addictive? Despite the fact that the whole thing is essentially Lindsay looking uncomfortable (and old beyond her years) and trying to justify having loads of clothes... actually of course that would be addictive. Also I think it might be time for Linds to stop having this as her signature pose:

Just saying!

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