Thursday, February 4, 2010

Young Folk Rough Up Dublin Theatre

It's not really a secret or a surprise that for most young folk the thought of a trip to the theatre is not usually cause for excitement. Maybe you've horrible memories of that production of King Lear you were dragged to all those years ago or just think the play themselves won't speak to you. That isn't a million miles from how I feel myself.

Thankfully because of the work of numerous disgracefully talented young folk in Dublin this notion is being challenged. A good example of such an attempt is THEATREclub whose production "Rough" caused something of a storm at the Absolut Fringe Festival last year. 

Describing themselves as "raging" that many young people aren't into theatre they're aiming to bring "Rough" to Ballymun this month. The play is about "taxi's, downing double vodka and waking up in someone else's suburbs." Which sounds both realistic AND entertaining

Not only are they bringing the show to Ballymun they are also doing workshops and auctioning off the vintage pieces featured in the show. AMAZING.

For more on this production just check out the website for Axis Ballymun. I'll see you there! I can't wait to get all cultured. Or at least blag myself a nice vintage leather jacket.

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