Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pop Culture Platinum Goes On The Airwaves!

Far be it from me to shamelessy plug myself on a blog (I wouldn't dream of it) but just wanted to let you know that this month I will be co-hosting the Venntertainment radio show on 2XM this month. Venntertainment is a pop culture blog I'm now contributing to also alonside helping out with the radio show. Expect plenty of the same stuff you'll find here but to the power of eleven. And maybe with a little less on The Hills.

And speaking of the blog check out my first post here

The show airs on 2XM on Monday's at 12:00 with a repeat on Friday's at 19:00. And lo and behold there'll be a podcast for those of you who like their radio on demand, just visit Venntertainment after the show airs to get your hands on it.

Get in touch with me if you want us to talk about anything. Be it Heidi Montag or great films of our time. Whatever!

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