Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She Wolf: Still Obsessed

Shakira's disco/electro pop stomper She Wolf is still buried deep deep deep into my brain. The video is addictive and if I spent as much time writing this blog as I have trying to figure out where to source a leotard, a cage fit for dancing and a film crew to help make my own version then this would be a blog with a much higher number of updates. The great thing about She Wolf is this slightly nutty Shakira stamp she puts all over both the lyrics and the video. What that in mind here are TWO top fives. The top five lyrics and top five video moments. Feast your eyes on this lot.


"Darling this is no joke/this is lycanthropy"

Its always a bit risky to put such a hilarious lyric so early on in a pop song. The whole song might peak! The rest might seem dull! She might have to explain what lycanthropy is during the middle eight! Shakira does not let such moral quandrys stop her.

"I'm starting to feel just a little abused/like a coffee machine in an office"

Shakira tackles the hard hitting subjects facing todays society. Like over worked and over wrought coffee machines. What a trooper.

"Nocturnal creatures/ Are not so prudent"

This is a safe sex message. Obviously. People who go out at night are 56.78% less likely to use protection then those who go out during the day. Fact.

"And the fire department hotline/ in case I get in trouble later"

See Shakira is literally so hot that she CAUSES FIRES. See what she did there? Lovely.

"SOS she's in disguise/ there's a she wolf in disguise"

This would be a great jumping off point for a movie about an undercover she wolf spy. Think about it.


0:23-0:28 : Shakira staggers through a cave painted in lady bits pink in leotard with a leg missing.
We've all been there.

1:18-1:21 : Shakira lies on her front and slides her crotch upwards in a Yoga move entitled Upward Raising Of Crotch As If Hoping To Engage In Sex Acts With Someone

2:10 : A ridiculously over the top jump cut of Shakira spreading her legs which is thrown in to alarm the viewer like someone suddenly being mowed down by a lorry in a Final Destination sequel.

2:36 : Shakira wobbles her side bum (like side boob for your bum) against her cage almost as if she is taunting Beyonce. "Thought you could wiggle your bum in leotard B? Pfft".

2:48-2:49 : The ridiculous shot of Miss Shaki doing some Bollywood queen meets feral she wolf dance on her hunkers is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a music video in an awfully long time. The fact that it becomes a recurring image for the final moments of the video makes it even better.

3:14-3:18 : Running towards the camera and wiggling her bum (you'd never guess but there is an AWFUL LOT of bum wiggling in this video) in the disappointing final rooftop dance sequence (that would be a great name for a band wouldn't it? "Hi we're "Disappointing Final Rooftop Dance Sequence" and our self title debut album is out now!") Shakira has an optimism during even a truly crap moment in her life that is both touching and inspiring. I will wear the same expression of deluded joy the next time I'm forced to do something awful.

There you have it.
What a tune

Of course the embedding of the video has disable by request because heaven forbid people should watch this video with ease.

All time code markings are for this version of the video posted on Shakira's official YouTube chanel:


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