Thursday, August 27, 2009

Livvi Franc: What A Difference A Handful Of Remixes Make

Its funny what a few remixes will do for your appreciation of a song.

When I first heard Livvi Franc's Now I'm That Bitch (or Chick depending on how sensitive you are) I thought it was fine but utterly forgettable R&B/synth pop that might be a semi hit but wouldn't set the world alight. But thanks to a handful of remixes and a video that clearly references both Ciara and Rachel Stevens (talk about doing your homework) I've slowly come around to the track.

Here is the video which clearly had a fair wad spent on it:

Its the remixes that made me like this one.

The Kaskade Edit is the typical Kaskade remix but it works really well, a great piece of filter house pop that would sound awfully good played loud.

The Sam Sparro Mix (streaming at Livvi's MySpace) is great too, has a chunky, bassy feel and is a step away from the usual sounds most pop remixes have taken lately.

And of course the Jason Nevins Electro Edit is top notch as ever (see MySpace above). Its a nice bit of straightforward remixology with a nice crunchy beat that is a bit "Sexy Bitch" and a bit "Day N' Nite" with a nice errant guitar riff that whiffs of Justice.

Between the three mixes and the repetitive use of the word bitch, I'm sold!

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