Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TV3 : Total Xposure. Totally Addicted.

Yes, i applied and yes i was on the audition show for five seconds but my god i'm fully addicted to this already.

TV3 hosting a search for an Xpose presenter is a sure fire genius idea for a show.

the audition show was too but my god the less said the better. still any show that can have TWO people interview themselves, one interview a postage stamp size photo of Lauren Conrad and a guy sing the Chipmunks theme tune is going to be bizzarely fascinating.

The main show wasn't a million miles from the usual reality TV competition set up but the producers should be commended for putting together a decent mix of ages and gender. I'm also on board with anything that brings Emma Leden back on to our screens! Its been too longs. The judges already seem to have their roles picked out and more importantly there are some genuinely talented people in the bunch so looks like the job is in good hands.

Not sure about leaving it up to the public vote though. I like my decisions made for me in television. Is that TOO MUCH TO ASK?

Still I've signed over the next 7 tuesdays to this, so I expect plenty of entertainment!

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