Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ciara "Work" Video : FIERCE times a billion.

Ciara just "dropped" her new video "Work" ft. Missy Elliot this week. And I love it!

The word fierce is a now huge cliche. and this video doesn't really do anything new. But my god, it is good. It gets the frenetic nutty energy of the track perfectly. It feels like an edgy fashion mag photoshoot bashed together with a sexy dance video. Ciara looks STUNNING (the whole Fantasy Ride campaign has felt like a class in "Why Ciara is actually gorgeous") and there hasn't been a pop video with as much jiggling as this in quite awhile. This had better be a smash, and if it does I expect freaky eye wear and Missy's sequin suit to become fashion must haves.

All the ladies on the floor, you betta work:

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