Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stupid Ad Alert

Sometimes you watch the ads on TV and think to yourself : "Wow, the real creativity on my screen on the moment is not lumpy, over acted soap operas or braindead reality shows but in these 30 second mini movies that somehow make the promotion of a packet of chewing gum look like a 2 hour feature film". And sometimes you watch an ad and think : "That is quite clearly bollocks. Makes no sense and I really don't see how this would sell anything to anyone."

Case in point:


I think the part where he sneaks out for a cheeky volvic is the worst part, though it is hilarious, the idea that he acts like he is about to bury his face in a bag of cocaine as opposed to endulging in a bottle of *gasp* bottled water.

This ad is not new by any means but just thinking about it gets my goat up.

Stupid ads can be amusing though. We've all seen the "sexy" chat line ads on tv after hours. I think the one where the girls are in the gym and the hot tub with their phones is brilliant. Never mind the potential hazards of using your phone in these places. Think of the "sexytime" you can find with hot local girls in YOUR area.

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