Sunday, June 28, 2009

Irish Chart Update

I'm going to assume next week will be full of the greatest MJ hits but still interesting to check out the current Irish Top 40, which can be viewed here (top 50 in this case, and yes there are some people who still don't own Just Dance. IN JUNE. I mean really.)

The biggest surprise is Industry getting to number one with "My Baby's Waiting". I had pegged this as too cheesy and old fashioned to take off but apparently :

"a string of daily performances in record shops around the country has generated enough CD sales to take their independent debut release ‘My Baby’s Waiting’ straight to No1."

There you go. Interesting though, to see a pop act slog it out for a top spot, especially this market which is obviously tiny. I'm still not a fan of the song at all but it is nice to see a pop act do well in Ireland home of the "mid 30s and over" radio playlists.

The top 10 is actually quite exciting, having Battlefield by Jordin Sparks and Bulletproof by La Roux enter the bottom reaches (despite In For The Kill peaking at number 13, hugely different to it's long standing top ten run in the UK earlier this year) and the new Cascada single, which whatever you think of them is hugely enjoyable, opening up so strongly. Interesting moves outside of the top ten aswell with Pixie Lott climbing to number 13. I still think its so funn how a song can top the UK charts and only hit the mid teens here.

This week feels a bit more interesting then recent ones on the chart where you would see the same top 5 songs unmoved for what felt like an age. Of course this time next week should be interesting. Industry will struggle to keep that lead of a second week I'd imagine and given the small size of sales needed to get a hit song here, I wouldn't be shocked if we had a Michael Jackson number one along with several top ten entries.

Keep an eye on for more.

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