Friday, October 12, 2012

Updated Musings incl. Adam Lambert and Aiden Grimshaw

I'm doing my level best to keep this going as a reguar home for writing of all kinds but mainly on the wonderful world of pop music. With that in mind it's worth linking you to some recent GCN pieces I've done so that should you want more of my ramblings you can find them in one place.

Every month I write the magazines music column and this month's issue also includes my interview with X-Factor star Aiden Grimshaw whose album Misty Eye is terrific. You can read that issue here, check out their archive for the June issue and my cover feature with Adam Lambert.

Also check out my blogs for the site incl. the Friday Four where I line up for big tunes for the GCN readers.

More stuff to come here in the next few days too and as always plenty of pop updates on my Twitter page.

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