Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Heineken Live Project Lineup Unveiled: Poptastic Additions, My Hometown Gets In On The Act

Heineken's reputation for getting involved with rather stellar gigs across Ireland over the last few years is well earned. They've just announced their Live Project line-up that will take in various venues across Ireland in November and December. It's fun to see that indie-pop darlings Passion Pit will play at the Olympia for discerning Dubliners while Labrinth, whose live show is apparently amazing, takes his well dressed self to Cork AND Rizzle Kicks will play another show in the People's Republic. I'd love to go to this one because it's no secret that I want to be best mates with Rizzle Kicks. They just seem really cool and they are well dressed and fun and WHY WON'T YOU JUST BE MY BEST MATES RIZZLE KICKS.

MY FUTURE BEST MATES (via PurplePR Tumblr)

Also, rather brilliantly my hometown Carlow has secured an absolutely bonkers line-up that will see a rather eclectic mix of acts, who still boast plenty of broad appeal, descend on the town I grew up in.

Jack Beats, The Magician, Maverick Sabre and Dublin electro-rock faves Le Galaxie are all hitting up my hometown. I am now frantically playing a road-trip back home with as many mates as I can convince to go. And actually given that I covet Labrinth's wardrobe and want to be best mates with Rizze Kicks I am planning a trip to Cork too. Do you think Heineken will fund it? No seriously, I think convincing a hip-pop duo with good threads to be your best mates is very on brand for Heineken (Right? Right). 

Full dates are as follows and the best thing is the tickets are FREE you just have to go here

Cork, November 1st - Labrinth at The Savoy. (Tickets released on October 18th).

Cork, November 4th - Rizzle Kicks at The Cork Opera House. (Tickets released on October 22nd). 

Dublin, November 11th -- Passion Pit at The Olympia. (Tickets released on October 29th). 

Carlow, December 6th -- Jack Beats, The Magician, Maverick Sabre, Le Galaxie at Dinn RĂ­. (Tickets released on November 15th).

Also worth checking out is the promo for the line-up which moves at a great clip and has hilarious facts about each artist. The first time I watched it I got so caught up in the facts that I had to watch it two more times. Again, WHEN ARE RIZZLE KICKS GOING TO BE MY BEST MATES? (SERIOUSLY)

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