Monday, November 16, 2009

The Six Pack: Six Songs I Love Right Now

I hit on the six pack idea and kinda love it for its cheesy quality so its my new device to share things I like, in this case music. Here are six songs I'm truly loving right now

While going through posts over at Hard Candy Music I stumbled on this gorgeous slice of disco/house pop. Upbeat, shimmery and the kind of the song of that is impossible to resist, it is a must listen. Not only that but HCM have a download so you can see for yourself. Rockets are a new act apparently but this track is a fantastic start. The rest of the blog is an essential read too.

This song is slowly getting more and more hype and looks set to be one of the biggest dance tracks of the next 6 months. Duck Sauce is the combo of Armand Van Helden and A-Trak who are both formidable forces in their own right. Its infectious house with a fantastic hook like a jumped up Daft Punk tune. This one will put a smile on your face and at the risk of sounding like a proper cliche head this will set pretty much every party off for awhile to come.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Say what you want but this is another brilliantly catchy and unique pop track to these ears. A bit more demented and twisted than say Just Dance this is ballsy and fresh and awfully easy to dance too. And lets face it the video is one of the years best, an audacious slice of visual madness that only Gaga could pull off. The Chew Fu and Starsmith remixes are also rather brilliant.

Slinky, sexy and sultry are all words I'd use to describe this one. The debut single from the Gossip Girl star, it lodges in your head on first listen and if given a chance at radio here could be a sizeable hit. Until then the rather beautiful video is a nice watch.

The obvious standout on her debut solo album. A thumping house beat bounces off of the vocals of Cheryl and Will as it builds up until its eventful final minute. A subtle and offbeat track for such a mainstream popstar and one that sounds a damn sight fresher than Fight For This Love and likely to stand up better to repeat listens. Expect to hear this everywhere, its already doing respectable traffic on the charts and radio and will probably be the first big pop hit of the 2010.

As I work my way through 101 Disco Anthems (honestly) this track, a favourite of mine for years, has been on repeat. So simple and joyous this is a song that has aged very well. Odd that this hasn't been reswizzed into a new era dance tune but maybe in this case we're better off.

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