Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Six Pack: Six Blogs Worth Your Time

Its hard to move for blogs these days. Blogging has gone from being a buzz word in the mainstream media (remember the first time you read the word "blogosphere" in a broadsheet newspaper? Shudder) to another standard method for established writers,publishers, organisations to spread their work and for the newbies (like myself) to find a voice, get involved in discussions and kill time. But reading other blogs is ten times more fun than writing your own.

So with that in mind here are six of my favourites, that I think are fun, fresh and exciting. A big bunch of blogging goodness makes up this six pack. It was a tad strange writing this as I know some of the people on this list and I didn't want to seem like I was being an ass kisser but my logic is that a good blog is a good blog and deserves praise. And if it makes one new person read one of the blogs here then it'll be worth my time.

This is the online home of stylist, interior designer and all round lovely lady Blanaid Hennessy. Posts on this blog are short, to the point and always entertaining. Blanaid has also taken that fashion blog cliche of photographing outfits/fashion finds and a made it in to something fresh with sharp, stark portraits of effortless looks. Whatever your style you'll find her eye and nose for fashion inspiring. Her work on interiors is equally good. This blog is a feast for the eyes and the mind and one of my favourite places to visit online.

I read lots of various types of music blogs but this is easily one of the best. With a pop/indie/electro perspective and a healthy sense of humour MuuMuse gives you the latest goings on around Planet Britney (important) but also lets you know what remixes are worth checking and upcoming acts worth noticing. The tone is perfect, it looks slick and is updated regularly with interviews, gossip and pithy commentary. A great read.

Irish Times journo Rosemary MacCabe has got herself one hell of a blog. Updated regularly with sharp insight into fashion, entertainment, news and everything in between MacCabe is quite obviously a great writer. Not only that but the wide range of topics covered keeps things fresh. From her obvious fashion love to her analysis of various issues its a blog that frequently gives you something new to think about.

The one blog on this list that I'm completely addicted to. Dublin drag legend Panti's daily blogging is a treat. From right on the button gay rights/current affairs discussion, hilarious YouTube clips/oddities, design articles and adorable pictures of Panti's dog Penny its always got something to keep me entertained. There's real passion in this blog, with a real love of finding and sharing new things with the audience which is infectious. An essential read.

Its very easy to be cynical about gossip blogs particularly ones like Perez Hilton that are poorly written, poorly researched and bad for the soul. But PITNB is genuinely sweet in its approach. Its all the usual celeb muck, pap photos, baby pics the lot. But its Trent, the site runner, who is clearly a sci fi/popculture nerd that gives it a heart that many other blogs lack. He is not spiteful or rude about celebs and sounds like that super witty best friend you always go to for the latest gossip.

Joey Kavanagh's blog of musical delights (among other things). A great place to get a rundown/overview of the latest pop/indie sounds and on the button remixes. For artists that have broke through this year like Ellie Goulding, Amanda Blank and The XX this is a great place to get more info and I look forward to seeing what new acts tip of his radar next year. One of the best Irish music blogs around.


  1. Aw, shucks.

    Really glad your own blog is back in business. I missed it terribly, so I did.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate!


  3. No problem lads, twas my pleasure to mention you. I like the idea of recommending blogs, there are so many its hard to know where to start sometimes!

  4. Wow, thank you Conor, that is such a lovely recommendation!

    P.S Glad you're back! x