Friday, May 11, 2012

6 of The Best: 6 Pop Culture Treats This Week

Whether you spend your days tweeting about your favourite boyband (I see you One Direction Mafia) or reblogging endless gifs (who can blame you with the likes of RealityTVGifs doing such bang up work?) it's always fun to see what your friends are digging online at any given time. With that in mind, and with the weekend upon us here are six of my favourite pop-culture finds this week. Enjoy!

1: Bravo's Andy Cohen on the Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern is an infamous force in US radio for his no-holds barred approach but for all his filthy bluster, he's also damn-good at interviewing people. Here he chats with US TV star Andy Cohen who's not only been instrumental in the behind-the-scenes of reality giant Bravo TV, he's also become one of their most well-known faces on his own talk show. Cohen's story is an interesting one and it's easy to see why many have fallen for this TV charms. This is typically crude stuff but is an interesting primer on what makes the Andy Cohen story worth a look for any TV fan. (thanks to Alex on Twitter for the linkage)

2: Azealia Banks "Drops" new tune.

She is a rapper. She is much talked about. And you've definitely dance your hoop off to 212 at some point in the last 9 months. Duh, it's Azealia Banks, Twitter queen, Fashion queen etc etc. She's just debuted a new track Jumanji today and it's a stormer. Check it. 

3 : Andrew Garfield appears on the cover of 2 magazines. Remains Flawless

OH ANDREW. His turn as The Amazing Spider Man is almost upon us so feast your eyes on his V Man magazine covers (SO GOOD) here. Also loving his pose for the cover of the current issue of i-D:

4: Scissors Sister want to have a Kiki etc etc

This has been getting the gays into a tizzy all week and can you blame? Scissor Sisters have been dropping tunes and teasers everywhere for Magic Hour but the best so far is Let's Have A Kiki. It's a pitch perfect piece of gay-dance pop madness that sounds like going on a bender with a cast of RuPaul's Drag Race. Which is something I would pay alot of money to experience. 

5: Christina "Better Than Faves" Aguilera Continues to be Flawless

This update on the adventures of Xtina from MuuMuse is everything.

6: Serena William is a rapper now

No really though. Apparently she wants to be a rapper. I mean Azealia Banks better hold on to her weave, looks like Miss Williams is coming for her "new rap girl" title. Ahem.

What a week it has been! If you've got something I've missed or even just want to suggest some raps that Serena Williams could use, do let me know below!

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