Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Neon Tinged Feast At Body & Soul

Attending last year's Body and Soul festival was one of the best things about last summer for me and I'm suitably raging I can't attend this weekend's festivities. It's an eclectic, chilled out experience and every bit as daft, engaging and entertaining as you would hope.

The line up and buzz about this year is building and it's easy to see why. One particular highlight that I really wish I could check out comes courtesy of the rather brilliant Queens of Neon. They've been thrown lavish tea parties and other food-fun-meets-creative-madness events for a few years now and have quite the reputation.

For this year's Body and Soul festival they've a lavish banquet for 200 people planned in the festival forest ground. You'll have to book ahead of time but a five course festival in such lush surroundings is surely to be a treat.

If that hasn't convinced you then the viral video they've done might just tip you over the edge. A trippy, surreal mish-mash of colours and food it'll have you drooling and booking tickets in no time.


For more on the event click here and check out the Queens of Neon online here.

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