Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Return of J-Lo: Why Jennifer Lopez's next single will continue her success

Proof positive that you can't keep a popstar-moviestar-fragrance seller-TV judge-former Fly girl-Latina Diva-serial dater down, Miss Jennifer Lopez is back.

After a series of misfires with a long term record deal being terminated, an album in limbo and the air "is that it?" it seemed for a second that Lopez might just be out in the cold with other things that were successful in 2001. Like stone washed denim. and belly button piercings.

But like a particular sassy fungus Miss Lopez is once again all over our radios and all over our TV screens. Cynics may have sneered at the decision to place Lopez at the judging table for the rejigged American Idol but it has done wonders for her profile. The show is enjoying a creative and commerical renaissance with ratings as high as ever and the judges gaining praise for their easy chemistry. It helps too that Lopez is a joy to watch, full of humour and empathy and that hard to resist movie star glow that makes her every move feel like a moment.

It's no surprise then that she has relaunched an attack on the charts. Her new deal with Def Jam/Universal still places her in the top tier of popstars and working with hot shot producer Red One has clearly helped her big time. Current single On The Floor has caught fire. It was an instant smash across Europe once it hit iTunes and it's music video surpassed Gaga's Born This Way in the YouTube stakes in a matter of days. Having landed at the top of the UK chart last week Lopez is at the centre of a pop perfect storm. Sure her profile is huge but the song has clearly caught on aswell, a throwaway infectious club banger that screams summer.

Readying herself for a follow up can't have been easy but Lopez's next single I'm Into You sounds like every inch the massive smash. Produced by Stargate (whose discography is truly impressive and you know pretty much ALL their songs) it's a slower tempo much in the vein of Rihanna's What's My Name that has a sunkissed balmy feel perfectly offset by a few drawl-y bars from Lil' Wayne.

Take a listen below, it may seem slight on first listen but this one is a grower and will surely attach itself to radio playlists and not let go for the duration of the summer months.

Ultimately it's nice to have J-Lo back. Sure she's not the best singer but she is an entertainer supreme who glowers with charisma and presence in everything she does. And if that means we can revisit gems like Play, Ain't It Funny and the underrated Do It Well then where is the harm in that?

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