Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kylie Brings Les Folies to Dublin: A Review

Kylie Minogue rolled her sutiably lavish tour into Dublin this week and I was lucky enough to head along to the first night in The 02. Aphrodite Les Folies is the latest in a long glitter-y line of big budget jaunts the star has undertaken to air new material. Touring has clearly become a priority for the star. Les Folies comes equipped with a suitably enormous stage, a suitably enormous budget (did you think those dancers were going to pay for those artfully ripped vest themselves?) and a suitably elaborate theme.

(if you haven't seen the show then stop now, as it is a tad spoiler-y)

Actually let's just get this out of the way, the whole Greek goddess theme almost threatened to derail this fine production before it was even 10 minutes in. 

While you wait for Kylie to arrive you take in the heart shaped catwalk heavy stage set up, the impressive use of Ancient Greek motifs/design to cement the now standard giant screen into the proceedings in an engaging way. You can't help but be impressed and be excited. Even if you haven't heard a tap about the water feature madness awaiting you or the amount of money gone into the show you know straight away that you're in for a treat.

Except act one, which opens with the title track of Aphrodite, left me a little nervous. The opener is great, Kylie arrives looking like a bit of a female Gladitor (isn't that a reference to Ancient Rome though? Are we getting mixed up already? Oh dear) prancing around and happily working the room. A handful of hits are then deployed with The One going down well (considering it's single release was truly bungled) and Wow getting plenty of whoops from the crowd. Wow feels too stagey though, with more focus on a bunch of dancing gladiators waving shields around, it feels too forced and "themed" to be truly enjoyable. The same plagues the next cut Illusion which for me was the only dud of the whole show. The performance drags not least with the inclusion of a vaguely ridiculous belly dancing sequence which reminds you that Kylie is not really an amazing dancer. 

It had me a bit worried I was going to spend my night watching Kylie flail around an historically inaccurate performance art piece.  The closing number of this act, the usually brilliant I Believe In You was just as worrying. Still one of her best singles, this take sees her wheeled around in chariot around the arena waving regally at the fans asking repeatedly "Do you believe?". Sure it's camp, it looks fabulous but it's also a bit too stuffy to really work. 

Well THANKFULLY come act two the whole thing lifted. Clearly sticking to the goddess theme gets thrown out the window for a series of distinctly styled segments that managed to balance plenty of hits with clever use of key Aphrodite album cuts. There's a simple version of Spinning Around with Kylie and perky back up singers bringing an entire arena up on it's feet, oh hell there Get Outta My Way in it's full "this is the amazing dance routine from the video glory",  welcome along spot on rendition of In My Arms and would you look at that it's a heart stopping version of Confide In Me.

Once the show really gets rolling there is a brilliant mix of simple pop thrills and full on production numbers. The big hits are left to breathe for themselves with beautifully executed dance routines and piles of energy leaving you breathless with excitement. The big set pieces relied on Aphrodite album tracks meaning audience members not knowing the words where not an issue. 

The Angel segment is a neat example. It was basically Kylie singing Looking For An Angel, an ANGEL appearing (See what she did there?), Kylie hopping on his back (did I make a barebacking joke? YOU BET I DID), Kylie flying closer to the audience while singing Closer (Kylie, you are... a genius) then Kylie hopping off the angel and doing a full on rave up version of the Eurythmics There Must Be An Angel.  There was an indeed an angel Kylie. There was indeed.

It is obviously camp as tits but it's so much fun and you see clearly how Kylie is a lethal cocktail of cute, bubbly charm personified popstar next door and hardened stage professional. Her on stage banter is refreshingly down to Earth (take note every other popstar ever), she attacks old tunes with a sense of enjoyment many performers are loathe to give their old stuff (think of how sniffy Madonna gets about her 80s back catalogue) and ultimately delivers you non stop entertainment. The staging is also genius, she spends her time working the whole room, giving everybody their own little up close moment (including those in the specially priced Splash Zone in the middle of the set up) with the pop queen. Of all the "revolutionary" stages I've spotted (I see you Madonna tours, I've got your number Britney's Circus tour) this was probably my favourite. Brilliantly executed. 

And that's before the encore/finale which hasn't so much set the bar for other shows so much as placed the bar so high that every other tour will struggle to even see it clearly. The double whammy of On A Night Like ThisAll The Lovers lets those specially constructed water features break out a water show the likes of which the 02 has never seen before (I'm guessing). All The Lovers ends with Kylie on a giant fountain at the centre of the arena, the combination of such a visual and such an euphoric pop song the best way to end the show on a high. Literally. She's on the top of a flipping fountain like. 

The show was amazing and probably one of the best pop concerts I've ever attended. If you get a chance to go then you absolutely must. 

And for all the water works, all the bells and whistles can you honestly, HONESTLY argue with a show that has one of the most likeable popstars ever, with some of the best tunes ever swaggering around in an outfit that is one third Mardi Gras Drag queen, two thirds Ghetto Fabulous Street Walker?

No. No you cannot.

I nicked the photos from the Twitter account of super talented artists Adrian + Shane, make sure to follow them and check out their website, they are very very very good.

For more on The Les Folies Tour click here, the album Aphrodite is out now.


  1. I agree the "I Believe In You" segment of the show has GOT TO BE CHANGED..looks to boring for such a great song..Kylie being pulled in a chariot around the stage by a bunch of hot gladiators is just dull, and she looks like she is holding on for dear life and does not look comfortable.

  2. You aren't a belly dancer conoisseur in contrary she danced it very well and better than Madona gaga or any music star could have done.Actually She is very good dancer, she is before all a singer...very good review, like fever Les Folies set new benchmark for music concert, she has placed the bar very high!

  3. Great work ... love your blog ... and our Kylie photos look amazing!!! ;)



  4. thanks for the comments guys!
    @ cowboyboots_12 - it was just a bit naff in a show that was actually spot on for 90% of the time

    @ unlockm - I am definitely NOT a bellydancer! But I just thought it looked awkward on, she clearly can move and has moves but she's not say Janet Jackson busting out crazy routines and as you said she is a singer, and as evidenced at the show a pretty good one! Spectacular show even if I'm not planning on seeing her doing the dance of the Seven veils soon.

    @Adrian + Shane thanks so much guys! very flattered, ha glad you're ok with my picture stealing, they are great shots! we had a pretty similar view so next time we're at the same pop show, will definitely say hello :)

  5. Hi everyone. I was there on wed night. I have attended kylies last 2 concerts. Which were both excellent especially showgirl. I was standing left of stage for this one. I found it weak compared to previous tours. The sound was crap. She did not interact with audience til end. She could have used the waterworks throughout the show. As using at end made rest of show forgettable. I found her to be tired and look tired too. Very dissappointing as I'm a huge fan. With the likes of gaga out there I think kylie should call it a day. To be honest kylie does not need this camp palava around her. She is a great singer. And all she needs is a mic and a stage. Intimate.