Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Robyn Unveils the Final Part of the Body Talk Trilogy

It's been a busy year for Robyn. After spending the guts of five years pimping out her stellar self titled release across the world, slowing building a rabid fanbase along the way, she has spent the year releasing plenty of new music.

The Body Talk campaign has seen the singer issue two 8 track albums this year (Body Talk Part 1 & Body Talk Part 2) each brimming with plenty of new songs, new ideas and the same attitude that made Robyn such a pop geek fan favourite over the last few years. From the triumphant lead single Dancing On My Own to the slick, sexy groove of Criminal Intent this is a new approach to releasing music that has thrown up plenty of gems.

Today Robyn announces her plans for the final Body Talk release this year. With five new songs and then 10 more songs picked from both Part 1 & 2, Body Talk Part 3 is part compilation, part traditional album release.

In an age where most artists struggle to find success with the traditional method of releasing music, the Body Talk campaign shows a fresh approach to releasing music that is a joy to watch. Getting this many new tracks from such a strong artist is never a bad thing but at the same time it's hard to gauge if the project has really worked. With alot of the releases from these albums, I felt like we were being handed new material only to have it trumped by even more new stuff almost straightaway, with no time to properly digest what we've been given before.

It will be interesting to see how Body Talk Part 3 fares. Will Robyn spend more time with this release, promoting it as an album in the traditional sense? Certainly the lead single Indestructible has another solid chance at crossing over to the wider chart friendly public. A dance take on a track originally debuted in acoustic form (much like previous single Hang With Me) it has a pulsing urgency and a typically powerfully chorus that should see it rapidly become a dancefloor favourite. But again, if these songs are coming at us so quickly will we really appreciate them? Or is a point like that moot in the blog-now-forget-later world of modern pop music?

Robyn is without a doubt doing things on her own terms and if it means more tunes then it's hard to complain but as the Body Talk campaign continues apace is Robyn  giving her material the chance to breathe that it deserves?

Body Talk Part 3 will be released in Ireland on the 26th of November and the 29th in the UK. See Robyn's official website for more.

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